What are the different levels of advancements in the reserve program?
The Puyallup Police Reserve program has three levels of advancement.
- A level 1 reserve officer is someone that is currently in the reserve academy.
- Upon graduation from the academy the reserve officer enters our training program and becomes a level 2 reserve officer.
- After one year of service or 400 training hours (whichever comes first) an officer can test for level 3 status. A level 3 reserve will be able to preform duties as a regular police officer without restrictions. Examples of duties that can be completed include:
- Completing prisoner transports without a full time officer working with them.
- Conducting traffic control at accident scenes.
- Standing by for tow trucks, parents, or other situations where an officer is needed, but is not likely to be placed in a confrontational situation.
- Completing phone reports.
- Taking reports in the field such as lost property, malicious mischief, runaway calls, animal complaints, and vehicle prowls.
- Conducting traffic enforcement.

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