How do I select the best tree for my site?
Take time to evaluate the spots on your property where trees can fit. The survival and health of a tree depends on how well it is suited to the spot that you plant it. When selecting a tree, consider placement (is there enough space for this tree when it grows up?), light, moisture, and type of soil. Consider the height and spread of the tree at maturity.

Envision what the tree will look like in 30+ years. Larger trees provide greater benefits to your neighborhood and our environment. Large trees absorb more storm water, breathe in more carbon dioxide, and breathe out more oxygen than smaller trees. For these reasons, the Puyallup NeighborWoods program recommends planting larger trees whenever appropriate – i.e. we ask that you don't request a tree for under utility lines if you have a large yard area with no overhead utility restrictions. If you want to plant a tree on the street, the city will review your tree selection to ensure you are planting the best tree for your planting strip.

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