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  1. GIS Web Applications

    GIS Web Applications question, concern or comment form

  1. Website Problem and/or Suggestion

    Report a problem or provide a suggestion

Memorial Brick

  1. Purchase a Veteran's Memorial Brick

    A personalized brick to be located at the Puyallup Veteran's Memorial Courtyard.

Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program

  1. Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program

    Note: This permit is required for all mobile food vendors operating under the requirements of the City of Puyallup Mobile Food Vendor... More…

Puyallup 101

  1. Puyallup 101 Application

    Application for Puyallup 101 (8-week civics course)

Stormwater Engineering

  1. Stormwater Quiz - June 2017

    Testing your stormwater knowledge - online resident stormwater incentive program launched in 2017 in lieu of stormwater calendar... More…


  1. Adopt-A-Trail Report Form
  2. Volunteer to serve on a Board or Commission

    For those interested in serving in a voluntary capacity on a board or commision

  1. General Volunteer Application